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Your First Step Towards Digital Marketing

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Journal. We wish you all the best to learn digital marketing.

Do you ever read the history of internet?

Okay fine. Since 1950 with the development of electronic computers, internet history started. However in 1980 World Wide Web comes into existence. It may be said that history of search engines also started with the history of internet. But Google came into existence in 1995. In late 2000 Google started selling advertisement with its keywords. It means the actual online marketing started in 2000. So it has not been gone even 20 years of Digital Marketing edge. Hence Digital Marketing may be a fantastic career for students. Digital Marketing may be a superb option for business growth in this era.

Now a day there were many blogs, articles etc available online to read about the digital marketing. Many of them are good, many of them are very good and even best to learn. But what is missing in all of them? Why we are not able to learn it through these blog? The answer is people always being confused that where to start learning digital marketing? What should be the first step to start earning online marketing tips?

It is obvious because random articles about digital marketing can’t clear your doubt. You have to know what my first step is. This online magazine about digital marketing will fulfill your all the queries, doubts in this subject. All the posts in this online magazine are categorized in a way so that you will be treated like a student. This journal will ask you what to read now and what to read later. This journal doesn’t just contain its own articles but it also redirect you to the all best digital marketing blog’s articles as per your query. Hence this online marketing journal is a single platform where you could found all the best blogs, journals/magazines related to digital marketing from the ‘world wide web’.

We are also willing to publish a monthly journal. Every volume of the journal will be on a single topic of digital marketing. We will invite authors from the every corner of the world to share and visualize their knowledge about the topic. The details will be discussed later.

Best Wishes!
Digital Marketing Journal – DMJ