The First Volume of Digital Marketing Journal will be Announced Soon!

You will love Digital Marketing Journal:

We are planning to start an open access online digital marketing journal. The frequency of the journal will be monthly. We are inviting people from world-wide who have any article about digital marketing. This journal will have an ISSN no. that is International Standard Serial Number.

Features of Digital Marketing Journal –

Procedure for publication of your paper in Digital Marketing Journal:

How to publish your paper in Digital Marketing Journal:

Step 1: Submit your plagiarism free article.

Step 2: Our Expert will quick scan the article.

Step 3: The article will be published as a post within 24 hour of submitting at ‘NO’ cost.

Step 4: Every month best submitted posts will be sent to reviewer (Digital Marketing Experts) for final review.

Step 5: Shortlisted posts will be published monthly in the Digital Marketing Journal.

Step 6: The print version of the journal will be available to the authors on demand.

Benefits of Publication in Digital Marketing Journal:

  • Instant publication of your article with author name (within 24 hour of submission)
  • Millions of visitors for your article at zero cost.
  • Opportunity for publication of your article in International Monthly journal with ISSN no.
  • 100 words of free space for your resume or biopic with your article in monthly journal along with your published article.
  • Availability of print format (on demand)