Google AdSense:

14 years back, in June 2003 Google has started ADSENSE program. In this program Google allow publishers in their network to publish advertisments on targeted website and audience in text, image and video format. These advertisements are completely managed by Google. For your information let me tell you approximately 15 million websites in the wold uses Google AdSense program to generate revenue.how to start with google adsense

Google uses its specific technology to serve advertisement program on targeted websites. Those who want to advertise with Google will have to enroll in Google AdSense. Now Google AdSense has been become preferable choice for advertisers to display banner adds on blogs and websites.

How to use Google AdSense for online earning:

Any website or blog who believe that they have some great contents, useful articles can use Google AdSense to generate revenue from their contents. AdSense is the most popular advertising network on internet. Some times ago there has been a policy of limiting AdSense ads to three ads per page. But now Google has removed this policy, now users can show as many as possible on their blogs and websites to generate maximum revenue.

Getting Started with AdSense for new bloogers:

Are you a blogger, then you might have heard about this advertisement program. Note – AdSense is not the only program to generate revenue form rich contents blogs or website. There are many more, I will discuss them in this article and in posts or journal.