Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing? 

Now a days affiliate marketing is in trend for online earning from blogs and videos. Hence we’re going to talk about what affiliate marketing is. We’re going to talk about special secret ways to market affiliate products on social media such as Facebook YouTube and how to make a ton of money doing it. So make sure you say this and we’re going to real one special secret that my top affiliate marketer used to make 25 thousand dollars in just one week, and that’s profit guys are not revenue. So if you enjoy any of my article, you definitely make sure that you are able to receive the notification.

Alright so we’re going to talk about everything affiliate marketing and we’re going to talk specifically about how one of my students made nearly 25,000 dollars profit affiliate marketing. So we’re going to use my courses as an example. But you know there’s a ton of other things out there that you could affiliate market for but it’s important to understand the basics.

Basically in affiliate marketing is relationship between three parties right. Here’s a person who creates something, so let’s use me for example. I have the Amazon FBA course right. There’s the somebody out there who wants to sell it for me and then there’s third party buyer. So when somebody buys my course through someone’s affiliate link that means that person gets 25% of the total sale 50% of the $1,000 and I offer a 50% Commission. It means that every time somebody uses their specific affiliate link which we’ll talk about in a second how to generate your unique link which is how they track affiliate commissions. If someone sells my course through their specific affiliate link they get credit for that sale and they get 50% of the price or they immediately get $500 commission.

Believe me, you will love affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a really interesting way to make money, because you don’t really require any upfront capital. You’re not selling your own products you’re selling someone else’s and when you sell a digital product especially the one that you don’t have to create yourself. You’re basically earning money for something you don’t have to spend time and don’t have to invest at all.

So let’s look at a couple examples for those of you who don’t know anything about affiliate marketing. Clickbank is definitely the biggest resource out there as far as affiliate marketing. I normally look at you know best sellers on Clickbank and there’s a couple website. I like to just use a CB Snooper or Clickbank Snooper. It tells you what the top affiliate marketing products are and what they’re. You know earning percentage is normally the top products have the most gravity on Clickbank which is more or less a ranking algorithm that shows you know the number of people out there who are selling that specific course and the number of people who are then buying it. So let’s take a look at a couple examples just so we understand you know the type of landing page that people are purchasing and the type of product that people are successfully selling through affiliate marketing.

How Affiliate Market Works?

Normally through advertiser you will get links, banners script and somewhat widgets for their products to be placed at your website or blogs. You can tell that the product links and banners their affiliate link which is funny because you can normally say that it’s an affiliate link if it has like equals. It has like an ID number right because that associates with a specific person who is creating a website creating a Facebook ad creating a YouTube video to market that and then whenever anybody purchases through their specific link identified by their unique identifier they get credit for it.

So now that we kind of understand you know how affiliate marketing works. What some examples are the biggest affiliate marketplace out there is definitely Clickbank. It’s interesting to see you know who the best sellers on Clickbank. I use speedy Snooper to tell that it shows you the hot list peeking it shows you the top product by day and you can take look at kind of what it’s selling there.

Know your customers psychology for a successful digital marketing:

If you’re an affiliate marketer than this is also a really good way to see what’s working as far as from a landing page perspective. It’s a really good way to go into kind of the buyer psychology. Look how they’re organizing sales funnels and then model your own funnels whether it’s for physical product sales or digital product sales. One thing about affiliate marketing is if you don’t truly believe in what your affiliate marketing you’re just not going to be successful. You have to believe in you know the power of the product itself to you know really be able to sell.

These few important affiliate marketing tips will help you choose the best affiliate program for your unique needs. How do you go about choosing the right affiliate marketing program? Well, there are a number of considerations when looking at different programs. Aside from the product itself and the company you will be representing, one of the main considerations will be the kind of the performance base of your program rewards you by. Programs will pay per click for ads that you place for products and or services; pay per lead, in which cast a prospect simply fills out a short information form; and still others pay a percentage per sale. It’ll be up to you to look at how your efforts will be rewarded and also to also check into how other affiliates rate each program. Some programs require that you have a website in place with a minimum amount of daily web traffic to promote their product and others not so much. When making your decisions, keep in mind that it’s easier to get a click than it is to get someone to fill out a form; which is in turn easier than helping someone make a purchase. Depending on your audience and how well a program can be expected to perform, make your selections accordingly.

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