What is Black Hat SEO – SEO Tutorial 11


Authored by Navya Chaudhary

Black Hat SEO refers to those SEO practices which does not obey the search engine guidelines. Means if one is uses tricks and methodologis beyond the search engine guidelines to rank his/her website than such practices are undergoes in black hat SEO practices. With the help of black hat SEO tactics people tried to rank their website in lesser time than usually it takes. However every search engine has their own terms to penalize such site if found practicing black hat SEO.

In this article I will introduce you with the black hat SEO practices and it’s consequences.

Warning! Don’t be oversmart with black hat SEO practices:



Okay so here I can tell the story of one man in SEO world there is a term called black hat and white hat and no it’s not about clothes and a black hat means you try to manipulate search engine into giving you a better ranking than you deserve. So you’re not trying to basically trick it and white hat means you play by the rules and you try to get search engine ranking improved. But you do it in the way that you can just walk up to CEO of Google and say hey we do this and he’s like what good job very good. So I can tell you a story, honestly it is not my story but suppose it is mine story. That is why I have used I word instead of the person which story it is. When I was in engineering college, wanted to earn a little bit extra cash I started a website where I sold Amazon DVDs I don’t know if but Amazon has an affiliate program basically you sign up they give you a special link you send people through that link to Amazon anything they buy you get 10% or whatever. I don’t remember very simple I thought hey I would be stupid not to take advantage of such a great opportunity sit on my ass and do nothing and just get the monies. So anyway I opened a website where I basically what I did is I linked reviews and so forth with suggestions for movies and then put links to Amazon I thought behave a bit cool side people can find movies they’re interested they can see related movies they can read reviews and stuff like this and then you can buy the movie on DVD. And I get the monies improve the world so that worked for a little bit. I got a few Euros well dollars here and there and then at like hey this SEO is really cool I could do something like forget the links I’m gonna do something smart I’m going to add a lot of keywords on the website and make it same color as the background. So normal people will not see it but search engine will so. I thought I was really clever and clever and for a while it had a small impact I got maybe a few dollars more but then one day I woke up 12 o’clock in the morning went to my computer open my statistics and saw zero . I was like whoa it’s like not good let’s see what’s up starting searching just for fun of it I went on Google and tried to search for my website and was like no results my heart went really low. I was like oh my God! What happened started searching and so forth basically may send my site was tagged for a review somebody went reviewed and realized I was trying to beat the system and they removed me and then I realized that being part of the Google search is not a national right. it’s a private corporation they can do whatever they want so I was like okay-okay what do I do what do I do. now of course I removed the text and I’m like okay-okay………… I found a form I found the form and the form is just like really simple there is not really much in it just give your website URL and provide the reason why you want to be listed again an I was like oh my God! Okay you can have my child. I was really naughty I didn’t know what I was doing the alcohol level in my blood was just way too much I really regretted, please-please Google please bring me back so after you submit the form. They said that hey we’re not obligated to do anything but we’ll try and after six week, six weeks or something I got back into the Google but it was never the same it never worked oh it never worked any more so I had to close the site and move on to something else but that’s basically what is black hat you try the trick short term the engine well the best guys in tricking are the guys who are selling Viagra those guys are good. If they put all that effort into something else they would be much more maybe rich. But anyways for example there are things that people in black hat community do is they hack websites but before the hacking of the website was really simplistic.

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