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Blogging Career and Tips – An overview


Do you write a blog?

If you do than it might be the best career option. You can go for it as a full time or part time. You might have heard this phrase “turn your passsion into career”. And this can be possible with writing blog. May be you have already started a blog. May be you have started monetizing your website. But there are many improtant things which one must be considered if he/she wants to continue with the same without any resistance. In this article I will explain the everything which related with your blogging career, links for technical issues solution, tips and other opportunities.

Internet is the world of opportunities. Millions of blogs under various niche are running now a days. Among these blog many blogger are making handsome bucks with their blogs. There are many types of blogs available or you can say for convinience blogs are divided into various category for eg. personal blog, group blog, microblogging, corporate blog etc. I guess there is no need in discussin types of blog as you might be aware of these. Yet I will explain all these types later.

With the change of time there has been seen a major change in the web contents startegies and search engines alogorithms from the major companies like Google and WordPress. You should consider this that blogging and it’s marketing is not that easy as it was 5 years ago. Now every blogging and webhosting plateforms are changing their terms in order to maintain their reputation. Therefore it is one’s primary need to do care of your blogs and website as per the changed norms.

Let us find about my point more clearly.

Suppose you are a succefull blogger. You have a good website with good articles and content. Also you are earning enough money with your blog/websites through various blog monetizing practices. But one day you wake up and found that your blog/website has been suspended showing some not clear message on dashboard. Now what!

This is what I was trying to make you understand. For smooth blogging drive one must follow few guidelines.

Choose the best plateform to create your blog

If you are a beginner than I will suggest you to go for free blogging. There are many free blogging options however dont go in deep. Just use Blogspot or WordPress for free blogging experience.

If you have some practices of blog writing than wordpress might be the best option. In my further tutorials I have written some more best blogging plateforms.

Read all terms very clearly while creating blog/website

This is important. Please do not avoid terms and condition. I have seen people just scrawl down and tick yes that they have read all terms showing that they have not enough time to read the terms. But please don’t do so. Read terms carefully as it will guide you what to do and what not to do while writing blogs.

Spend some bucks for hosting and blog registration

Again if you have some experience with blog writing than and you want to make your career in blogging than you should not continue with free blogging. Free blogging has html editing restriction and some other feature restriction which resist you while doing SEO. And without SEO you can not make enough money as you deserve.

Write plagiarism free content for faster SEO

Plagiarism free content is the bone marrow of SEO. Internet is hunger of new contents. Hence try to write new and effective paragraphs.

Gain knowledge on some technical aspects

Yes you must have knowledge of some techincal aspects while blog writing. I am not saying that you can’t write a blog if you dont have some technical knowledge but you might lag in SEO due to lack of technical knowledge.

Avoid providing wrong/fake information

Some time blog’s get suspended if you provide wrong information on your blog. However the hosting plateform do not indiviusually check all blogs even they can not, but if some one report for it than you might be suspended. Hence cross check your information once before publishing.

Use traffic analytics on daily basis and monitor your progress

With the help of traffic analytics like Google Analytics you would be aware of how and what is your traffic source. Some time competitors uses tricks so that your site will get suspended due to illegal traffic source. I have futher written a seperate topic about illegal traffic sources and how to avoid it.

Never ever use traffic exchange for fake traffic blasting etc.

Do you know about traffic exchange websites. They actually generate fake traffic for your blog or website. You should never ever use traffic exchange website for fake tarffic blasting. This might result in to your blog suspension, your adsense and other ads might be blocked and monetization will be affected.

Say a big NO to black hat SEO practices

And never use black hat SEO practices for rapid traffic growth. Be patience, blooging platforms are being very strict now a days. And you can manupulate Google as it is the biggest plateform across the world. Go for while hat SEO practices and tools.

So this was a introduction article about blogging tips. Further I have explaination about its all points. So keep in touch and enjoy blogging.

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