Google Adwords:

17 years ago, in October 2000 Google has started ADWORDS services. Now a days Google has been generated 45+ billion Dollar revenue just from adwords program. Google Adwords working methodology is based on two factors – first one is the cookies and second one is the keywords suggested from the keywords planner by advertisers. Google Adwords is also the main source of revenue for Google. Sales and support division for Google Adwords is in California, United States of America.


Getting started with Google Adwords:

google adwords

In the above image of google search they the search results in rectangle or paid results throught Google Adwords program. In this image the “ad” shown in yellow however now a days Google shows results in green color.

Google Adwords program distributed in local, national and international level. So basically you need not wait for SEO, with the help of Google Adwords you can easily put your website on the top of Google search. According to a study 40% of the visitors do not care about organic search and Add level search. That is why paid search may be beneficial for your business.

As I already found many blogs telling you how to get started with Google Adwords. And hence despite of repeating tutorial of Google adwords I have written an article about getting started with Adwords where all top blogs has been mentioned who teach you adwords easily.