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This journal is all about digital marketing strategies, latest news and the publication. There are certainely few more blogs who tells you about the digital marketing tips. But this digital marketing journal is fully planned. You might be thinking what does it mean by fully planned. Let me explain you!

First of all this is a blog cum website. In the blog part we publish articles on differents terms related to digital marketing. All the posts are tagged and differentiated according to their category. For example all SEO related posts must have published in SEO section with a SEO tag following the posts. However this is not sufficient beacause it does not tell you which post you should read first. For this we have made numbering with all posts. This will definetely guide you to learn step by step.

The second part of this journal is Publication. We are planning to publish a monthly journal on digital marketing topics. The article in the journals will be sophisticated mean reviewed by 2 experts from the world wide. Than it will be published. This journal will have an ISSN no. that is International Standard Serial Number.


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