Blog Monetization

The most searching keywords on Google or other search engines are – “online earning”. Let me tell you very clearly online earning is not a very tough task unless you dont have any skills in you. If you want to make money online you must have a skill which people probably serching on internet. So please rich youself with some skills. I will let you know what skills you may develop within you to earn online money.

For online earning audio and video type of tutorials, best blogs and other links will be provided to you through this platform. Let me tell you very clearly here I am not going to share to about mini and micro jobs like captcha filling, add clicking etc. etc. executed online for earning. Through this journal I will teach you about blogging, videos making for you-tubing, and how to monetizing your website and you-tube channel. So let’s started.

I am introducing you all with some top paying platforms which can actually monetize your websites and you-tube channels.

1. Google Adsense

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2. Media.Net

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3. Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing