Pay-per-Click or PPC:

I am damn sure that you must have heard about pay-per-click or PPC. Don’t you? Does not matter either you have heard about PPC. This article is all about PPC from begining to end. Pay-per-click is also know as cost-per-click. PPC is basically a tool provided by search engine to provide direct traffic to your site on a certain cost. In this article you will find answer of all your questions related to PPC.

What Is PPC? Learn the Basics of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing from DMJ

In pay per click model advertiser pay a fee to the search engine, or the owner of the website where ads are place with some amount on per click basis.

PPC are more popular on search engines. I mean you must have seen ads on search engines in various format related to your search. It can be said to buying customers from search engines.

See the example below in case of search engine PPC.

importance of PPC

This blog will teach you PPC from very beginning to the advance level. To make our blog reader convenient we have written article with tutorial numbers. Please go through the following link to read the PPC tutorial.



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