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What is robot.txt ?

Robot.txt is some specific term followed by the search engines for communication with web robots and web crawlers. As it is an standard hence also known as robot exclusion standard or robot exclusion protocol. In a very simple language robot.txt allows and disallows webpages for crawling in search engines. Now the question arises what is the need and/or in which circumstances disallowing of webpages for crawling is required. I will teach you everything about robot.txt and its importance in this article.

I am going to explain the purpose of the robots.txt file and also share the common rules that you might want to use to communicate with search engine robots like Googlebot. So the primary purpose of the robots.txt file is to restrict access to your website by search engine. Robots or BOTS file is quite literally a simple .txt text file that can opened and created in almost any notepad HTML editor or word processor. It is uses make a start name your file robots.txt and add it to the root layer of your website. This is quite important as all the main reputable search engine spider will automatically look for this file to take instruction before crawling your website.

So here’s how the file should look to start with on the very first line add user agent staff. ThE first command essentially addresses the instructions to all search BOTS once you’ve adjust a specific or in our case with the asterisks. All search bots you come on to the allow and disallow commands that you can yes to specify your restrictions to simply ban the bots from the entire website directory including the home page.

It is important that we point out whether that website hackers often frequent robots.txt files as they can indicate where security vulnerability may lie that they lie that they might want to throw themselves at always. Be sure to password protect and test the security of you dynamic pages particularly if you’re advertising there location on a robots.txt file than you

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