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Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The e-generation model of business reputation


I want to tell u about a few things that are really I am passionate about and that is online marketing or digital marketing and in digital marketing I love specially search engine optimization or SEO. So here I am presenting a quick course about search engine optimization or SEO and maybe provide a few reasons why should you even make extensive care about SEO for your website.

Search Engines: A search engine is a tool or system where we insert our query and it get the relevant result from the INTERNET or WORLD WIDE WEB. Here our focus keyword to learn is SEO or search engine optimization. SEO means to bring the targeted website on the top page of the search engine on its relevant query.

All right so it’s usually a little bit of introduction of SEO. I guess every blog written about SEO has provided some sort of background about SEO with their sense. I’ll give you a little bit about mine experience about SEO. You will be shocked to hear that before getting admitted for my graduation in engineering college I was not even interested too much about Internet, SEO was then far away, but as soon as I entered in second year of my engineering degree I got really passionate about SEO.

My beginning with SEO:

With the very beginning of time I showed my friend that my name on internet comes first when they search my name on Google. I made this happen with increasing my Facebook account frequency in various website. That may be the first time when I got aware that rank might be improves if we increase the frequency of the keyword. However I was even not aware about the term keyword LOL.

I am not going to bore you anymore with my story. Let’s talk about the SEO. I have already introduced you about SEO, now it’s time to talk about SEO technology. SEO is all means for marketing but through World Wide Web. All SEO and other marketing practices you make for digital marketing are also known as online marketing. And you need to accept one thing you cannot do online marketing and specially SEO unless you have small at least understanding of technology and there is a lot of things that you need to learn, something like mixed technology-wise with marketing in order to do really well in SEO field. So I have formed this digital marketing journal.

What is SEO: Learn from our SEO Tutorials;

New to SEO? Let’s Start from the begining – SEO Tutorial 1

Now lets see a live demo! Here is a screen shot of search results on google.com;

SEO stands for “search engine optimization

In this screeshot a search result is shown on google search engine. At the left hand side the first 4 results urls are started with a phrase “ad”. These results are called paid results or PPC. At the right hand side there are some sponsored results, they are also paid results. for paid result the client need to pay Google or concern search engines.

Following the 4 paid results the natural results appears. In the above screen shot result from the WIKIPEDIA are natural results. Such results are called unpaid or natural or organic search results. These natural results are ranked over a hundreds of guidelines. As you keep your website closer to such guidelines, more better results you will get. However no step by step guidelines are revealed by any search engines. Search engines only ask you how to write search friendly but not in details. Hence the only hope remains is to know how search engine works?

Watch this video saying something about SEO!

My opinion about actual SEO – How SEO works!

You should know one thing about my SEO articles. 40% of the effect comes from your question you ask me on several social sites specially on Quora. Rest 60% are my effort, however I am pleased that you will get all your queries regarding SEO and its core and we are providing you some really basic things that you can do in order to improve SEO right thinking for possibly your website your clients website your future company whatever. Okay so my first question related to SEO is how many of you have yourself or how many of you have Googled your name or upcoming date? Yes good do you see there is a lot of growth opportunity you know there is even an app you know there is a joke you know that there is an app for that in US and other countries. There is an app where you can put the name of your you know date that you’re going to meet for the first time today or something and it shows it you know tax records criminal records and so forth so if you want to bring that to your country there is one opportunity right there you know tax information is you know public information so imagine women and now there is you know face detection and everything so she could just take a selfie with him you know like oh yeah …… you know let’s take a selfie and then like be over million in income last year teaching anyway etc. etc. etc.

Now let’s come closer back to the topic when we use search engine we search for you know potential you know employers we search for products we search for whatever what are the things that affect the search results that we get one is the query type so Google has put a lot of effort and we’re not talking about Google. We have some foreign students here for example and good example would be Russia where Google is not even number one there are many other search engines besides Google that are really popular there are Baidu there are …. sorry I am not remembering the name, you know tons of them but the general principle is the same. So depending on the query type search engine peaks what type of results it gives you and for example if you never tried you could try sometime and put in Google timer twenty minutes and it will start a timer you can put a flight number and it will give you a flight information and for example here I try to search for a word called alien definitely one of my favorite movies of all time just love that thing. So Google quickly decided that the movie is probably what I’m referring to so it displayed information about the movie right away. So the query that way in putting you know if it’s for example somebody’s name Google try tries to figure out, if it’s example some public figure and then provides information about the person so that’s one of the things that impacts your location. If you go on Google and you search for best restaurant just best restaurant it will show you all restaurants and not you know good restaurants in for example in Dubai or somewhere so Google knows your location from your IP address and from your settings possibly, and so on and so forth.

How search engine works? 

This question is very very very important. You could not start learning SEO tactics without proper homework on search engines working methodology.  It is obvious that all search engines must work on some methodology or algorithms. Let’s try to find out how search engines works?

So links created a lot of authority for you online (you might have heard about back-links in SEO terminology) and another way to establish authority is to display information about the author. There is some meta tag and some stuff you can do in order to say that “hey I am arts and Danny Lance I wrote this” and then Google can give you a little bit of more authority. Depending on how much you write and content and so forth but basically authority impacts results and your social graph this is cool scary. Don’t know but you guys have friends well at least some of you and some of you have even friends online for you so and Google knows about your friends for example if you use Twitter your friend’s information is public unless you lock your profile.

If you tell Google about your Facebook page it knows about possibly friends that you have there and so forth and so forth if you use Gmail, Google knows a little bit more about you. Google can personalize results based on what your friends are doing. So this is Google trying to be helpful saying like hey  your friends like this restaurant. So when you search for best restaurant in Oulu, for example it could display information that your friend indicated this is good.

Are you getting what I am saying. This is exactly what the way SEO in a search engine works. So your profile that definitely impacts your results so there has been a lot of talk but basically when you create a profile Google basically puts a lot of information there and tries to track it and understand. And Google is reading your mail and so forth and so forth all it’s not somebody that has nothing else to do in his life and just goes through mail and if your mail has nothing interesting about you or have only work related stuffs, still it wants to learn about you the more it knows the better and obviously that is the information that Google can leverage for ads.

So you better got the point what is SEO well SEO is search engine optimization and I will try to break it down a little and then we’ll go into the fundamentals of SEO. And then maybe we can talk more or well. we’ll see how interested you guys in the topic so SEO the goal of SEO is to get high quality traffic from search engines.

Every search engines must have 3 steps of stairs.

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing and
  3. Retrieval and optimization

Whenever a search engine finds new entry in the internet it crawl its all urls. Crawling process may be done manually through WEBMASTERS TOOL. After crawling successfully indexing process started. Indexing of url in search engines will also done itself by the search engines. Both crawling and indexing process ensure the presence of a new website or url in the internet world. Following search engines retriev the results on the relevant query. The optimization of search results placed as they followed the SEO guidelines.

Google has revolutionized the search engine methodology and so on there are lots of changes also seen in SEO methodology. The search engine field was really simple but again very complex you know before Google came on you online started working and providing search results were used to now there were other search engines but what Google founders came about is an algorithm I think it’s now much less used but it was the page rank algorithm. It was the idea that you could estimate authority of the site by analyzing links that link to the site you know links from other websites. So this is the core of the way that Google worked at least many years ago now the algorithm has been much much much more complex and  very very different much more sophisticated but basically it meant this. You know if you have a website and you have 4 million links you’ll have an authority if you have another website that had you know hundred links it has less Authority. And then quality came in to you no question you know not every link is the same and so forth and so forth but basically links tell a lot about the authority that you have online so do you guys about the miserable failure thing that the Google bomb now.

Okay so you remember right the elections I think it was the second term that Bush was going for and people were really upset about him. You know going into office again for whatever reason so people decided to do something kind of funny. And kind show their dislike for the president so what they did is they kind of talked amongst each other webmasters and they decided hey let’s link to White House page about George W Bush with the text miserable failure. So once they did you know once twice they 1,000 times, 10,000 times hundred times thousand times after that Google was like well if you search for miserable failure, this is the place to go so you search for that and you went to Mr. Bush page and when the white House try to change that you know like hey Google you know we don’t like this, Google said sorry it’s an algorithm. That’s how it works, however it is a part of SEO practice. But then Google may change to the algorithm in order to prevent that so it doesn’t anymore like that but it used to before.

Just focus on fundamentals in SEO:

When people search for something they are searching for a solution that very rarely people understand this but there if you want to have some fun later on you can go on Google Trends it’s a free service by Google and you can see which are the most popular search words in your country in that year. So people are really seeking solution for their problem. Okay so anyway people search for a solution so when you provide when you think about SEO you have to think about how I can solve somebody’s problem. Obviously the example I mentioned before cannot be really easily solved but still in other cases we can be more helpful. There is another word we need to understand and is a machine and at Google it’s a very complex machine nowadays. We’re talking about billions probably of dollars and research and development testing and so forth so we need to understand that Google would not be Google or some other search engine wouldn’t be what it is today. Unless there was a machine that made all the decisions so we have to realize that machine has an algorithm, algorithm has a pattern and if we basically tweak our content to fit in that pattern then we optimize it and the last word optimization, it’s ongoing process. So it’s not something you do once and you forget I can tell you one very good example Google makes rollouts of new algorithm every whatever few months and everybody just wait like for a judgement day when the new algorithm update comes. Because when new algorithm update comes it changes the pattern and it goes through all the websites pushes it through the pattern and then changes the results before you were number one for women’s clothes and now you’re number 479 which is basically nothing. So the algorithm is changing all the time and that’s why the things that I’m going to talk about today are not quick tricks that you can do but something that is fundamental that’s something that will never change okay but the optimization is ongoing process.

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Search Engine Optimization – SEO Practices:

In this article about search engine optimization we will also proive you all top blogs explanations and steps to learn SEO in more details.

First of all let’s know the top 5 search engine name in the world.

1. Google

2. Bing

3. Yahoo

4. Aol 

5.  Ask.com

This search engines covers more than 85% of total search engine marketing in the world. Eventhough only percentile of Google is more than 55% among these five. Hence for SEO we need to optimize our results only on these search engines.

White Hat versus Black Hat SEO Techniques:

As the name states white hats SEO mean legal SEO techniques and black hats SEO means illegal SEO techniques. Here we are not going to light you over black hat SEO techniques becuase such techniques are not long lasting SEO techniques. Whenever search engines find any optimized results through black hat techniques they block and/or penalise such websites. Hence to keep your result sustained on Search Engines we advise you to go with White Hat SEO Techniques.

Now a day there are another SEO techniques in trend, called GREY HAT SEO TECHNIQUES. You must be getting that this SEO technique is between White Hat and Black hat technique. We will light you about Grey Hat SEO Technique latter. The disadvantage of this technique is that you will not be able to provide your customers the best contents but your SEO results will be better and faster.

Read in detail about black hat SEO:

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For SEO “Contents are the King”

If you have read any blog before to learn search engine optimization (SEO), you must got this phrase that CONTENTS ARE KING. Its true on any marketing strategies, either it is digital marketing or any other physical marketing strategy. You have always heard from your teacher that increase your presentation skills, potentiate your speaking skills. What is all that? That all are content. It means if you write effectively, you will support search engines to optimize your results. But if your contents are not effective bounce rates will be increased and results in lower ranking of the websites. For SEO I will advise you to first of all earn the details about the product. Meet the marketing persons of the company if you are making SEO for a company or products. Increase your writing skills, grammar etc. I personally believe that for SEO only two main factors matters. First one is content and second is importance of that stuff for which we are making SEO or digital marketing. If these two factors are perfect you might get honorable results automatically on search engines without any SEO practices. However it takes much time that is why rest factors are also important but for stimulated SEO practices.

So let’s go to the key factors of SEO some of the things that we can, all of us do and something that you can guys hopefully remember. So one thing is I guess the biggest most important thing in SEO is just contents. How many of you have a blog? Okay you guys are ahead of the game and the reason for that is nowadays when you do marketing online, it’s all about contents. Anyway so if you guys are young you use online a lot what you care about is content, because content gives you value. It doesn’t have to be value doesn’t have to be money kind of value or it can be funny. I mean like if I wanted to get a lot of views on this page about SEO, I could just take care of some uniqueness in my contents.

So if you think about the role of content in SEO then it is the currency of the internet and Google rewards companies that have a lot of content and it well I wouldn’t say punishes. But it doesn’t give the benefit of the high ranking to people who have very little content. So typical business website- front page, services, company contacts, that’s about it and maybe if you’re lucky a blog that has been updated

Let’s imagine something very very far from technology. Let’s take a company that provides cleaning services in the entire region. They can do a lot in terms of the content in order to rank better in Google for example they could describe the way they work, they could have a blog, they could have a video of how the process works. For example, I never purchased that service that would somebody come and clean my house but the first thing that I’m really would be anxious to know is that, would they make fun of me if they came to my apartment. When it needs a cleaning but anyway so they could have a video where they described the process. They could have a blog where they talk about for example things related to cleaning, they could tell you which vacuum cleaner is good because when they buy vacuum they buy it for five years so they could actually have a lot to talk about. Hope you are getting the content strategies and it’s importance in SEO.

I’m not going to go into detail but in my cases if you have a website there is usually you can just Google. If your website is built using WordPress or if your website is built using I don’t know whatever Drupal or something, usually you can just Google Drupal SEO and it gives you just tips on how to optimize your website.

You must have to have a lot of back links and you have to have authorship so again not going into integrity but the best way to remember how to handle authorship is and to get authorities. You have to create such good content that other people online want to talk about it.

Content marketing through social media:

How many of you are not using Facebook? There have been a log of pushback but whatever my idea is really simple. You have probably seen lately a lot of stuff on Facebook where the title goes like this – a little girl was dying and then they brought a dog and then you will not believe what happened next and then you’re like.. ah now I have to click it, so because I want to know what happened to the little girl. I’m not made of stone so anyway so those are click baits. So basically it’s articles or content that is aimed to get people to click so. For example I don’t know one of the best ways to get I can tell you, how I got a bit of a publicity.

So for SEO you have to write content that others want to talk about and there are many ways to do that. You could do always something stupid people love. Okay so there is something that a lot of people don’t understand yet but I think it’s coming slowly as many other things. User experience basically is really important in SEO and it’s more or less easy to measure. But if we think about it when we go and visit a new website about two seconds, we can right away tell if it’s trust worthy? is it interesting and does it have what we need at that point?

Bounce rate matters in SEO

We’re so selfish online because nobody is standing behind us and looking at what we do thank God! So when we browse websites online it’s just like two seconds next two seconds, next you don’t care you don’t own any thing to that person who created the website. So it’s just like whatever, so the website has very few seconds to be interesting and to provide you some sort of hook so that you stay and learn more and so forth. You can measure that with bounce rate bounce rate is a percentage of people who come and visit your website and leave right away you. There is also average time on the site you can measure how long people spend on your website before they leave and if it’s two seconds, then you have a problem. How good is the navigation all of those things playing out to be really important in SEO because for example I give you one very simple thing; a thing to think about when you search something on Google you click on a result then you go and visit that website and then you come back. Google knows that you came back and it gives just bit of a minus point to that web result because if you came back it means that result didn’t answer your query so user experience is very important in SEO.

SEO is the king of all online marketing strategies but be patience!

When we think about online marketing there’s so many things you can do elese SEO, you can do something really stupid on Facebook you can buy advertisement you can get listed on article websites you can do whatever. Why would you focus on search engine optimization and I think one of the reason is that it’s really good return on investment and by good I mean really awesome. If you search for hotels in any country people are searching I don’t remember how many times but anyway if you want to buy advertisement from Google for keyword hotel it costs you three Euros about four a click one click. If you want to buy thousand clicks well you need a lot of cash. But with SEO what we can do is we can rank we can try to improve our ranking so when people search for word Hotel in your country they would receive our website on the top that’s basically search engine ranking now. And this is the reason why it’s good return on investment. SEO is a long term so if you want to make something happen today, SEO is not for you better to invest into ads or something else. I couldn’t run a marathon even if I tried and just like running SEO in order to be good like one of the best in the world you need to put as much effort as person who is training to be best in the world in running.

Keyword Research:

Do you ever heard about HEALTHY CONTENT? A healthy content means – contents with sufficient keywords. Now the questions arises how to know what are the exact keywords? And the answer is KEYWORDS PLANNER. There are many free and paid keyword planner tools available in online market. You can read more about keywords planner tool here. Now what you have to to is to collect all relevant keywords and insert them into your content. For SEO keyword research is another piller for repid SEO practices. It is said that SEO results usually take 2 to 3 months. But the truth is it takes time accoding to your effort and stratigies. Keyword planning is most affecting strategy in  search engine optimization.

Read more about keyword research and keyword planning.

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 Webmaster Tools – Your first SEO tool:

Webmaster tools are products of search engines. They are basic but very important tool commonely used for manual crawling, highlighting products, submitting sitemaps and quick indexing etc. Webmaster tools has a lengthy tutorial. If you are focusing on SEO than you should not avoid webmaster tools. I usually suggest Google Webmasters Tool and Bing Webmasters Tool. These two webmasters tool are sufficient to for getting good rank on internet or World Wide Web.

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So this is part that is really awesome for me is that search engine spectrum is always evolving there is always something awesome and new. Video is a kind of cool and the people did a little bit of optimization for video and then Google went and bought You Tube and our video is huge. And then mobile started coming you guys have like the most awesome devices ever and you use them a lot. Probably much more than your computers many of you wake up and the first thing you do you see for that whatsapp message or something you’re like did he write to me. Anyway so we have a lot of things that are changing all the time there are smartphones videos there are ecommerce so much things going on, and search engine is also evolving. You search for something online in Google and you see a video  like how to speak to ladies boom!! how to guide in 10 minutes!! So anyway you search for something and you see the video result so for example in Finland because Finnish people don’t do a lot of videos  in terms of business there is a lot of there is huge gap and a lot of opportunity so if you create a video you can get much higher position because others don’t do it.

On-page and Off-page SEO practices:

Most of the blogs and journals started with on-page and off-page SEO strategies if you search – how to start with SEO. Ofcourse on-page and off-page SEO tips are main SEO practices what major of the digital marketing person do. But I suggest to to come on On-page and Off-page SEO only when you are finished with contents development, webmaster tools and keyword research. Or you may go parellely with all of the.

On-page and Off-page SEO have very broad tutorials and tips. You can say there are never-ending practices you may work for On-page and Off-page SEO. Here I will let you earn a little about these practices, latter you will learn in details with our posts and journals. Because altogether will become HOTCH-POTCH and you can’t implement altogether.

Off-page SEO means promoting a website without making any changes within the website. It works like that – suppose you are a great fan of any celebrety and praising him/her in front of some one. Hope you have got my point. In off-page SEO practices we promot website through blog, social media, local listing websites, adwords etc.

Someone even suggested to me that hey you can now give a talk about different topic so you would have something new to write. He is helping me out for what I really appreciate, so the thing is that there is a lot of offline stuff you can do that you can transform and bring online. And we are talking about digital assets, every time you create some kind of content online there is unique there is an asset a digital asset that you have, that you can you know use in order to promote yourself. For example, if I have an article about SEO, I can put it a newsletter, I can sell it maybe at some point whatever that’s an asset. I can leverage okay technical factors that’s the nitty-gritty part that’s the part that I like a lot. So well I’ll give you an example that for example for long time Google wouldn’t understand flash so if you had a website develop maybe in the 90s or early 2000 it could be really flashy. It could use flash technology it could have like sound and everything is flying and then in Google nothing you wouldn’t get any kind of visibility in search engine because Google cannot read flash. Now it can a bit but still not as well and technical factors for the website are really important.

Read in details about Off-page SEO

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On-page SEO mean making changes withing the website to make the website SEO friendly. In this strategies we make changes in the main website contents, html, images, h1-h2 tags, kewords tagging, meta tags, meta keywords, meta description etc. There are a list of strategies we can do for on-page seo tactices.

Read in details about On-page SEO

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Blogging – Your key of SEO:

Blogging is a part of off-page SEO pratices but I put it in the main SEO tips. You must have at least two blogs on wordpress and blogger. These two are really game changer if you write your content effectively. Not just for SEO but for online raputation management these two blogs play main role. You can write randomely because the way I suggest you to write will redirect audience to your main website. You can even use grey hat SEO techniques from blogging.



Backlinks: The Bonemarrow of SEO


Social Media Optimization helps a lot in optimizing your page:

Of course social media play a vital role in incresing web presence or SEO for a website. That is why I have provide SMO with a seperate space. Now we have a number of social media options for getting trafic for our website. I will ask you to go only with these social media sites.

These are enough to get #1  rank in search engines. What you have to do are discussed in the SMO page and in the journal. Put in your mind that social media is the best place for networking because if you have a relevant content – sharing, likes will multiply your traffic withing seconds.

So there is a lot of talk about the social media I mean that’s the sexy new trend. And I always say like well yeah social media is cool but when you want to buy a new TV do you go on Facebook and search for like you or if you want to find like hair dresser or something do you go on Facebook and search for like really good hairdresser. So Google is still the king if you want to actually find something online and social media is very different and they’re not necessarily. One is not necessarily better than another they just support each other but if I have a service that I want to sell just I’m interested just in sales. I want to get high-quality traffic which means it’s people that really want to see information that I want to provide them want to see my services and search engine is definitely one of the one of the best ways to do it.

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Video Marketing

Yes, with the availability of easy access of internet in developing and high population countries video maketing is being virul. Maketing throug videos are more and more effective than any other type of maketing. Youtube has been become preferable place for video marketing. People are making effective video advertisment and uploading them into You tube. Video marketing is a superb SEO strategy as-

  • Its not Boaring
  • It moves around the story not sell
  • Give a visual knowledge about product and
  • Optimize itself in search results fastly

SEO Monitoring:

Along with the SEO practices it is equally important to monitor your results and improvements. I have detailled about several SEO monitoring tools and practices in my articles under SEO & SEM category. Please go through and confident your self.


Its not the wrapup of SEO practices there are hundreds of indivisual SEO practices, one must do for their websites.

  • Blogs & Feeds
  • Cloaking & Doorway Pages
  • Content and Writing
  • Crawling and Robots
  • Domains & URLs
  • Duplicate Content
  • Image Search
  • Local Listings
  • Mobile Search
  • Redirects & Moving Sites
  • Submitting & Sitemaps
  • Tagging
  • Titles & Descriptions
  • Video Search

These above are some quick links related to SEO you might be searching for. Or you may proceed to our articles tagged as SEO.

The conclusion of SEO:

I mentioned that SEO is an ongoing process. it’s not something you do once and you forget about it. it’s something that you do every day. If you have the time every week, every month and so forth you do as much as you can. You can you do as much as you can so we can frame it as a process and it makes it a lot more manageable. So no 1 – research your niche there is this awesome tool called Google Adwords Keyword planner. I admit it have a longer name, might be shorter LOL, but still with this tool you can go and just search for whatever keyword you want and it will show you how popular is this keyword in terms of search engine traffic. It will tell you how much competition there is in what country it is. And so forth popular so you can do a lot of research. So let’s say we have a cleaning company in a small town and we would want to rank better. We would want to optimize our search engine ranking get it higher we would go to this tool and search like cleaning services all and so forth and the tool would show us how much traffic there is. And most importantly on the lower part of the screen you can see related search terms so Google would also tell us what other search terms people use to find similar content.

I guess I have to wrap the SEO topic soon. All right so no 2 thing in our process is creating optimized content. Well I talked a lot about content importance in SEO. Now we’re finally getting to the important part well if you think about it. There is so much different types of content. You can create content is basically anything that is unique and valuable to the user it can be a game it can be a recording it can be whatever. It can be presentation PDF file article whatever. So you have to create optimized content and in many cases you still place your content on your company website that’s how it works or if you have a personal website you want to promote. The easiest way to optimize your content is that when you create a new page for new content on your website you just remember to optimize title and meta description and in many content management systems. There are free plugins or some extensions or something that can help. Obviously you have to mention keywords that you researched before and found to be valuable to your business

The last step very important. You repeat this process for the rest of our life so that’s basically in a nutshell I guess would be the SEO or search engine optimization process, but if you want to start it right now you maybe don’t have a company you don’t have anything, I urge you please start a blog and I know very few people well care. Trust me I know, but basically what it will do it will provide you a substitute for a company that you can try to gain leverage You can because no matter what you write about. You guys some of you do dancing painting whatever you have some sort of passion. Maybe you really like studying who knows there might be a few here that actually do so. You have some sort of passion you can write about. The idea is just think hey I started from nothing from zero how can I get at least 200 readers. Because I can tell you these will give you much better expertise once you actually enter work force and start to online marketing and SEO. Because you will have to do something that I do every day. This teach about SEO is about and so forth you’ll be able to put it into practice, and I can tell you straight once you want to start thinking about job or freelancing work related to SEO. You might show up your blog where you have practices for SEO. You may send your blog url in the presentation as a first impression an so on.

I mean a lot much more than anything else because I know that you can actually do it. Hopefully you enjoyed this article on SEO or search engine optimization.

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