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Are you getting blocked by facebook frequently?

facebook block

Are you sick of facebook blocking actions? It might be annoying especially when you are the beginner are just started your blogging career. Facebook is very helpful in marketing of your blogs. But sometime while using facebook block some of your features. In this article I will explain how can we escape from facebook blocks.

Are your suffering from these facebook blocks like

Blocked from adding more friends

Blocked from adding more groups

Blocked from posting in the Facebook groups

Blocked and posts are marking as spam by Facebook

Blocking website URL on Facebook business page.

These blocks affect your marketing target and result in less productivity.

There are many blogs who will tell you how to get escape from any type of Facebook blocks. Let’s discuss one by one

Very Very Important for you –  If you are a blogger or you have written an article about “How to avoid Facebook Blocks” and you think your article should be listed in the following lists than please lets us know in the comment section. 

1. Postcron

The post on Postcron is headed as “10 Essential Tips to Avoid Being Blocked by Facebook and being sent to “Facebook Jail”… and don’t fall asleep reading the fine print rules.” an written by Eugenia Skaf. This post will tell you the cause behind the getting blocked by the Facebook. Ofcourse prevention is better the cure. You may read the full article from the link below

Read full article

2. Facebook Help Community

Yes Facebook itself made a help community where your troubles are being solved through comments and answers. I am providing you few links which might be helpful while troubleshooting your blocking problems –

My Website URL blocked By Facebook | How To Unblock?

Answers are hidden in the following link


Why is facbook blocking my website link?

Answers are hidden in the following link


My website url is blocked when posting link on Facebook. How to unlock it?

Answers are hidden in the following link


Link website blocked by facebook. How to solve it ?? (i’m not web developer)

Answers are hidden in the following link


Facebook blocked links to my website. How can I get it unblocked?


3. SEo Blog

An article on seoblog.com headed as “What to Do If Your Website URL Was Banned by Facebook” written by  Dan Virgillito.  A very quick information has been provided. You can read this article if you are a very beginner on Facebook and blocked on few aspects of using Facebook features. Read the full article from the link below

Read Full Article

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