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Technical Skills for Your Blogging Career

Technical Skills for skills

Technical knowldege you must have for rapid blogging career growth.

I am not saying that without some technical skill you can not start a blog. For starting blog writing you just have some basic computer knowledge. But if you really want to convert your blogging passion in money blogging that you must gain some knowledge of technical skills in you. The below listed points will tell you what technical skills are necessary for your blogging career.

Analytical Skills for blogging

Analytical skills is meant by somewhat mathematical skills. You must be habitual of reading graphs and charts so that you could easily check you blog traffic on various traffic analytical platform like Google Analytics.

Basic computer knowledge

I know everyone have basic computer knowledge. I have just listed as it is the primary requirement.

Knowledge of basic html

Yes! you must have some basic knowledge of html. This will help you while writing the blog. html is the basic programming language and every blogger face a day when this skills is required.

Knowledge of css

A creative and beautiful blog is always preferred by the reader. css helps you to format and design your blog. However css is a part of html but this needed more attention while you are learning html.

Typing speed

Focus on your typing speed if you have not a good typing speed. You need to bother about your typing speed. You just need to focus on typing and blog writing and one day you get a good speed itself.

English Language and Grammar

This can not be categorized in the technical skills but it is the necessary skill for blog writing. A grammatically perfect content always preferred in SEO of the blog page.

SEO Skills

If you are a blogger than you can not go without SEO practices for your blog. You might ask someone to do SEO for your blog but a person who write the blog knows well what he is writing and how people will like that. Hence SEO by itself will help a lot for your blog marketing.

.php programming language

Additionaly you may go for .php if you have time. This language helps you while designing a dynamic website.

That is it! However these are the only basic skills you should have. You may search online and make your knowledge about these skill wihout paying any single bucks. So go ahead, All the best!



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