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Google Major Algorithms and updates

by: – by SanBrains (Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad)

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Google introduces changes in the searching algorithms that shakes up the SERPs. Day by day, the algorithms used by the search engine crawlers are becoming too strong that no one can even think of cheating the search engines. There are online marketers that use SEO black hat tools to get more traffic to their websites and pages. But now the days are gone when these strategies worked out.

We search for things on the internet and want the correct and valid information to be shown on the first page itself. Now, let us find out what are the algorithms that Google has framed and used for showing the best content on SERPs.


This algorithm was launched in February 2011 in order to improve the ranking of the page. It was framed to filter out the best content and stay away from the plagiarized, keyword stuffed and user-generated span content.


This Google Major algorithm was launched in April 2012 to segregate the best contents and leave the contents that are filled with irrelevant links and over-optimized anchor text.


Hummingbird is a google major algorithm launched in August 2013 to provide content that is similar to search made by visitors. Because online marketers use the strategy of keyword stuffing to get ranks. But this may irritate the visitors because they are not getting the quality content.


This Google algorithm was launched in July 2014 in order to rank content and websites on the basis of on page and off page SEO optimization.


In the era of smartphones, it is very important to develop a website that is mobile friendly. This algorithm is used to rank pages that work on the mobile platform along with other Platforms.


It is a part of hummingbird algo. that helps Google understand the queries in a page so that it can return the best matching queries in response to a search result.

There are many more Google algorithm updates that are used to show the best quality content on the page. They are made in order to nullify the poor and cheating strategies done by marketers to get rankings.


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