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by: Ryan Markman, COO, Metric Digital

What Are The Main Thing Of Quality Guest Posts.

The term Guest post or Guest Posting generally is a technique in which writer who owns different types of blogs create a unique and original post on another blog or website with the mention of author name usually at the bottom of article. Guest posting can work in two different scenarios i.e., you write a posts and they were appear on others website blogs or others will write guest posts and that posts were appear on the blogs of your website.

Guest posting will help a lot to build brand awareness among different type of audience. Guest posting is also very helpful in driving a new web traffic to website. The main characteristics of quality guest posts are discussed below:


The quality guest posts should be creative and consist of useful peace of information on it.The post should must be relevant to its subject. The foremost aim of post is to educate your target audience and provide helping material to them. People always appreciate information from which they can find something meaningful.


While making a guest posting always ensure that posts were free from plagiarism. The guest posts should must be unique. Always use plagiarism detection software to make sure that the content is unique. Search a post title on google, read articles similar with you, and make sure that the meaning is also unique. In simple words, make sure that your article is not a rephrases version of some other article. The content of guest post should not be derived from some auto-generated tool.

Text And Images

While doing a guest posting always consider its SEO perespectives.Before publishing a content you will need to add correct heading tags on it that were available on html language. Try to make the length of paragraph small and concise. Add relevant image related with content.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is a good thing for SEO. Always try to add a few links in article. The links should must be related with article whether they were added.

Bind Guest Posts with Author’s Google Profile

Do not forget to to bind to author’s information at the end of article with google+ profile of that particular author. Always ask authors to add your website to the contributor section of their Google+ profile.

Based On Real Examples

Guest blogging always based on real world examples and demonstrate the concept of writing with real world.

Grammatically Correct

Guest posts are grammatically correct, not too short, not too long and free from all types of grammatical errors.

Engaging For Audience

Good guest posts consist of engaging content. They generally written in conversational tone. Adding personal stories is the great way to make guest post more engaging.

Other Characteristics

Some other major characteristics of quality guest posts were that they were directly related with the content and should be published on the hosting website. They should be unique in titles as well as in their text and meaning. Google verified author should must write the good guest posts. An expert in that particular field should also write them. They should be written specifically and will be published on website. Quality guest posts should must include detailed and accurate piece of information. They should not consist of keywords in text links. All links in a particular article carry the no follow tag on the title primary reason for having a guest post in your blogs is to insert links back to another website.


The entire purpose of guest posting is to build a good relationship with audience. There is no benefit of guest posts that were fails to create value among readers and nobody is willing to read them. Good guest posts conveys knowledge, ideas and experiences to readers. If your guest posts are not on to the mark then readers will dissatisfied and does not visit website. The majority web traffic that comes to a blog post comes with in first day when the blog post is published. It is much more important thing to promote our blog posts and increase web traffic to them instantly after we publish them. All these purposes can be achieved through quality guest posts.

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