Yahoo-Bing Network Contextual Ads:

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If you ask about biggest contextual ad network in USA than media.net will be the answer. Media.Net covers more than 100 millions of USA desktop users. This is important to know that more than 90% of revenue from media.net is generated from USA itself.

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In this article I have provided a deatiled information about Yahoo-Bing Network along with few famous blogs who lights you on some other points. And so on you will cover all the necessary aspects of YBN advertisment programs.

The Yahoo! Bing Network – Introduction

Let’s assume you have an e commerce website and hence if you need instant traffic to your website you must need adwords so that you could buy customers from search engines. Now its all depend on you product type and industries and believe me add campaigns are running by majority of the organization and hence it has became more competitive and more useful for both advertisers and us.

Now a days the most prefferable choice for buying ads is Google but its not just costly but have a huge competiton. If you are looking for a great ROI – return on investments from Google only than you need to have some great experience on it and need more investments.

And hence I am introducing you hereby the Yahoo-bing ad networks which is slightly less competitive and probably you need to invest less comparitively.

Yahoo-Bing Network is meant for?

Before a while these two search engines have their own ad networks. And indivisualy they were not able to compete Google ad features. And hence Yahoo and bIng decided to join together to compete Google and that is why there has been a combined name.

Now I will ask you to read the following blogs/articles which cover your all aspects about YBN ad programs

1. Shopify

Ther article on Shopify will give you a basic information on every needful aspects of YBN ads. Started from the definition of CPC it will tell you how to get started with YBN ads, how to choose keywords, how to test your YBN ads etc. However the given information is brief and you might need more article if you are a beginner. For your convinience I have given a link for this blog below

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